5 Ways Technology is Changing the Way We Eat

Everybody eats. It’s what keeps us alive. But somehow, people eat foods that are liable to send them to their graves early. People eat too much junk food, consume caffeine in alarming proportions, and binge eating to release stress without considering the long term effects. With obesity rates increasing annually, it has been predicted that over 50% of adults will be obese by 2030. In the case of working professionals, most of them just grab fast food on their way to the workplace as there is little or no time to enjoy a proper home-cooked meal. This way of life eventually leads to uncontrollable cravings and then spirals down to result in adverse health effects. Luckily, technology is constantly advancing and is used to influence our eating habits. 

Internet of Things: With body wearables and food-related applications, we can now monitor not just our health but how and what we eat. For example, the Samsung gear s2 is equipped with built-in sensors that keep track of your body vitals the whole day and measures your heartbeat. The camera of Samsung s9 has an inbuilt AI that can identify food items and their nutritional components. These devices are examples of the Internet of Things category, that help track, measure and report metrics to the user. Despite their powerful capabilities, these devices are often prone to cyberattacks but the use of an Internet VPN and the software itself can help secure the device from attack.

Food Scanners: It is another type of technological advancement that can help us determine whether we should eat the food. For instance, SCiO reads the chemical composition of food materials without touching them. The FOODsniffer, after analyzing food, will give you the feedback on whether or not food is good or bad, if the food has spent too long in the open, or if the food is already spoilt and unsuitable for consumption. 

Fitness Tools: As important as watching what we eat is, watching how we eat is just as important. Fooducate is one of many platforms that can help with dieting and fitness goals. PrepPad is another helpful tool that is a smart scale you use to measure and keep track of the volume of food you consume.

Edible Substitutes for Food: Besides the technological applications and devices we use to ensure better living, there are a variety of food substitutes that maintain basically the same mouth feel and nutrients but reduce health risk, like using applesauce instead of oil when baking to reduce cholesterol levels or using low-fat cheese which has same nutritional benefits as full-fat cheese. 

There are nutritional companies that are heavily invested in creating food substitutes for proteins such as eggs which are high in cholesterol and fats. There are also meat substitutes such as tofu and bean burgers that mimic the texture of meat and are rich in nutrients and can help save animals around the world. Meat substitutes are now being used in many restaurants in burgers, bacon, and sausages.

Mechanized Agriculture: Even food and farming processes are now being affected by technology as farmers are now using technological methods in the form of new software in the regulation of water, fertilizers, and chemicals on their fields. They are also implementing sensors to monitor and improve soil conditions to better the nutritional values of crops. Also, the introduction of technology to agricultural processes means that food can be transported at its best and consumed fresh instead of having to eat packaged goods. Resorting in a farm-to-table experience being offered by many restaurants today.

The presence of technology in how we eat cannot be overstated. It allows a variety of food choices to the everyday consumer. People require healthier food and technology with its resources have made it easier to provide. The availability of the internet to the layman allows him to make better, and more nutritious food options.  

Author Bio: Chris @ TurnOnVPN

Chris is the resident tech expert and managing director of #TurnOnVPN. #TurnOnVPN is an activist group whose mission is to promote free and unimpeded internet for all. We take part in numerous online events to advocate for a safe, secure, and censor-free Internet. Learn more at www.turnonvpn.org/blog.


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