A Magical Doorway Wall Art

Personalised gifts are taking the market by storm. There are many companies popping up all over the place and the market is getting saturated. So it takes a superb company to stand out from the crowd. So how did Happiness Is a Gift compare?

I have a daughter of six months and due to us not knowing the sex before she was born, her bedroom is quite neutral. I was looking for something to spruce up her bedroom and make it a little bit more girly. And what better than some personalised wall art with a magical doorway, including her name on it. 

Happiness Is a Gift is a gifts website which stocks gifts you can personalise. The website is well done but very difficult to navigate on an iPhone. When you want to zoom in on the pictures, it’s difficult to zoom in and you only get half the product image.

Delivery was quick and arrived within two days. The packaging is absolutely spot-on, the wall art sticker was rolled up in a robust cardboard tube, then had bubble wrap around it and sealed well with tape so nothing fell out in transit. You can be confident that these guys will deliver your packages intact!

I must admit to feeling rather excited unravelling the wall art, there is something magical about buying for your little ones. Kind of takes me right back to being a little girl. And the magical feeling did not go away once I unwrapped the product. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the item and also the quality of the printing of my daughters’ name, it is perfection!

The item came with step-by-step instructions which are well written and super easy to follow. Now the more awkward bit of fitting the sticker to the wall… it is not as easy as it may seem, by no means is this a difficult task but it isn’t as simple as just sticking it to the wall; you really need to take your time and take extra care or you could end up ripping some of the stickers, especially the individual butterflies.

Once up, the wall art looks just spot-on. It has brightened up my daughters’ bedroom and now personalised it with her name being on the wall. She is too young at the moment to realise what it is but she certainly will think it is rather exciting soon enough.

A Magical Doorway Wall Art is available to buy at Happiness is a Gift.


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