Anjou Makeup Brushes Set

As an avid makeup user then imagine my excitement when I got sent the Anjou 16 piece make up brush set to review. 

The world we live in at the moment is full of beauty, makeup and beauty bloggers splashing make up all over the internet. We also live in a value-driven society with lots of different brands competing against each other for the best price. Therefore reviewing an on-trend product which promotes value for money is needed right now. 

The package arrived in good time, well wrapped and no issues. The presentation box which holds the brushes is smart, black and a touch of red, and quite sturdy. On opening the brushes I was very pleasantly surprised to find an extended 18-month warranty for the goods, just activate online. This is a real plus, I haven’t seen this with anything make up related before and also gives me confidence in the product, I have had many bushes before which shed or the ends break off etc so this kind of makes me think that these are built to last.

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Inside the box, the brushes are in their own cute brush case. This is your typical folding brush case with a Magnetic button. It is right on trend but I can’t say that it is great quality. Quite a plasticky feel to it. I think Anjou has tried to cover all bases with getting one of each type of brush that you would need, however, I feel there are a few things missing. Anjou has provided shadow brushes in many varieties, blusher brushes, contouring brushes and even an eyelash brush. However, when using the brushes, some of the smaller eyeshadow brushes were not there as I would’ve expected. A lot of the brushes are quite large. I was hoping for some smaller brushes for that last detail/eyeliner.  

The actual brushes look rather cheap, like a cheap brand you would possibly find in a market. The material of the brushes is super soft and feels very nice on the face, however, the brushes do give a lot of fall out (makeup falling off the bushes and onto areas of the face where it should not be) When my make up was complete, I was relatively happy with the job that the brushes did. Will I be using this set again? possibly the blusher brush and the eyeshadow blending brush. The rest will probably stay in the case.    

If you are an experienced makeup user wanting really good quality brush, then this product is not for you however if you are wanting some brushes to have a play about, maybe just practice makeup, or even buying for a young person as their first makeup brush set, this could be right up your street.

Anjou Makeup Brushes Set is available to buy at Amazon.


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