Baby Girl First Birthday Decorations

It was perfect that I received Funcubes baby girl first birthday decorations to review, as my baby girl was just about to be 1. The parcel came in a timely manner and was well wrapped and packaged in a zip lock bag. 

All the contents of the bag are individually wrapped as per the item which is handy for organisational purposes. The order contains: 12 pink triangle flags, a 1 year old pink poster, 1 pink bow foil balloon, 1 GIRL foil balloon, 1 golden star foil balloon, 1 pink ribbon, 1 balloon glue point, 6 pink latex balloons, 6 golden latex balloons and 6 heart-shaped tags. 

All the items are pretty easy to assemble but you do need extras. You will need the usual things like a balloon pump and helium. This is quite a comprehensive pack and for the price, if you’re on a budget. You can’t really go wrong. However, there are some real bug-bears with some of the items which just instantly lower the appeal. The really annoying one is the poster which should kind of be the main event! It has ‘happy birthday’ written on there (as it should!) with a lower case ‘h’ and an upper case ‘b’…happy Birthday! In reality, I’m sure that not everyone will notice this but for something as special as your babies first birthday, you at least want the simple detail to be correct. Also, the balloons are just plain, these would have been perfect with some number 1s on there. 

So, would I buy this product knowing what I know about the poster?, no, probably not. However; if the poster was corrected with just that one small detail then yes, and like I mentioned earlier, for a value driven customer this is perfect. We are all well aware of how expensive children’s birthdays can get and cheaper products like this do have a market.

Baby Girl First Birthday Decorations is available to buy at Amazon.


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