Blender Foundation Sponge

Anyone who is passionate about makeup will know how important your tools are for application. You could have the most amazing eyeshadow in the world but without the correct brushes, it will just look cheap. You could have the most wonderful foundation but without the right applicator, you may as well have just bought it from the market! if you are a lover of foundation and you wear it regularly or even for those with occasional wear, you have a few different options on how to apply. You can use fingers if you want a really basic, quick application, a foundation brush (which I find to be extremely difficult to not get streaks with) or you can use a makeup sponge. I would always go with the sponge option and think a lot of makeup artists would do the same.

When I got sent the Lazzaro Beauty Makeup Blender Foundation Sponge to review I was excited to try it out. The sponge comes in a nice, classy box. The box has all the relevant information on there and this is where you discover that its plus points are that it’s latex-free and vegan.

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The sponge says that it’s microfibre and velvet. I wasn’t really sure what this meant until it was on my skin! And oh goodness, I am impressed. The sponge has a velvety layer, which I have not seen on a sponge before. This is a soft, furry layer which, I think, gives a smooth and silky application. The sponge doesn’t absorb too much of the foundation, which can sometimes be a real negative to this type of product. The sponge just lets you apply the makeup how you want to, either dabbed or rubbed on. Either way, the result is perfect. Flawless looking foundation with a really silky, matte finish.

The tear shape of the sponge is really handy. You have the base, widest part of the sponge to apply makeup to the biggest parts of your face, forehead and cheeks etc. And then the pointed tip of the sponge is great for getting in those hard to get places like under the eyes and around the nose.

When it comes to washing the sponge, it’s not just a case of rinsing like the instructions say. You will need to wash it in some soapy water and really give it some welly to get the makeup off. But this is not dissimilar to other sponges.

Would I buy again? Yes, this product is fabulously effortless. Great value and does what it says on the tin!

Lazzaro Beauty Makeup Blender Foundation Sponge is available to buy at Amazon.


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