Byron Naylor sentenced following brutal Sheffield assault

A Sheffield gang member who tortured a man in his own home by beating and stabbing him repeatedly with a bladed knuckleduster has been jailed for more than 21 years.

Byron Naylor, 29, left his victim with extensive injuries including more than 100 stab wounds after the ‘vicious, evil act of violence’, which lasted a number of hours. 

Naylor, formerly of Glenholme Road, Woodhouse, was today (7 June 2019) handed a 20-year sentence for grievous bodily harm with intent, and a 13 month sentence for possession of an offensive weapon.  He is to remain on Life Licence.

On the evening of 18 October 2018, Naylor entered uninvited into the home of his 57-year-old victim and, in an unprovoked attack, beat and stabbed him repeatedly using a bladed knuckleduster. 

The victim suffered 19 broken ribs, broken fingers, a broken elbow, a fractured left eye socket, extensive bruising and swelling and countless puncture and stab wounds to his entire body. He continues to receive hospital treatment more than seven months on.

Naylor was previously a prominent figure in Sheffield’s organised crime group scene. 

Detective Constable James Hughes, who led the investigation, said: “This incident was a vicious, evil act of violence. 

“The victim was essentially tortured in his own home for a number of hours, in which time he was punched, kicked, stamped on and stabbed over 100 times.

“His injuries speak for the brutality Naylor mercilessly inflicted on him. 

“I would like to commend the victim’s bravery in coming forward and giving evidence. Without his support, this prosecution would not have been possible.

“The victim, his family and the public can now rest assured that Naylor has been brought to justice and is now behind bars.

“I thoroughly welcome this verdict.”


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