Members of the local community are being asked to get involved in a new project to uncover the secrets of the Dungworth and Bradfield area of Sheffield in the Second World War.

A series of free events are being held in the coming weeks to encourage people to come forward with memories and artefacts, find out more about the project and find out how they can get more involved.

The Dungworth and Bradfield area was a hive of military activity from 1939 to 1945 with over 5,000 troops billeted in the area as defence forces against German attack.

The study aims to uncover the roles of Dale Dyke and the other nearby dams in the area. They were key strategic points and had high wires constructed around their circumference in a bid to stop low level bombing as planes headed for the armament factories in the East End of the city and other areas.

Project manager Richard Godley said: “The role of the nearby Derwent Dams has passed into legend via the Dambusters story. But very little is known about the part played in the war by the dams in this area.

“They were a massively strategic resource and were surrounded by high wire and gun installations.

“We also would like to find out more about what it was like for local people to live here during the war, how the media portrayed the war effort and how the billeted troops interacted with the local community that were deployed as defence forces.”

The project is particularly keen to hear from anyone that:

  • Has artefacts or photographs from the Parish area they’d be willing to share
  • Has personal histories of Dungworth/ Bradfield and district people who fought and died in WW2
  • Knows anyone who was involved in defending the dams and reservoirs?
  • Knows where any WW2 installations that defended the area are located?

Dungworth and Bradfield District Heritage Group were awarded £50,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the work as well as support from Bradfield Parish Council.

The project will fund the training of volunteers in researching military records, creating an exhibition and publicity materials.

It will also create a book from the findings of the research, deliver community focused events at local venues and more.

The first events are as follows:

Show & Tell – Dungworth Village Hall (Main Road, Dungworth S6), 9.30am-12.30pm – September 12th.

Drop In Session – Stannington Library (Uppergate Road, S6 6BX), 1.30pm-6pm. September 17th.

Show & Tell – Dungworth Village Hall (Main Road, Dungworth S6), 12.30pm-4pm – October 12th.

If you would like to get involved in the project, please contact Richard Godley on 07854 646742 or email:


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