Changes to lost property reporting

From the 1 October 2018, South Yorkshire Police will no longer take reports or record lost property and will not issue lost property reference numbers. This is a national decision and with the exception of foreign ID documents (including passports), or items classed as ‘dangerous’ such as firearms, all police forces in England and Wales will no longer take reports of lost property.

We will instead be directing members of the public to where for a small cost, they will be able to get a reference number for insurance purposes.

Lost property is not a police matter, so there is no legal requirement to report it to us or for the police to maintain a system of recording non-evidential property.

The decision to stop taking these reports will reduce demand on enquiry desk staff and our call handlers who take on average 11,000 reports per year, 4,000 of them over the phone. This will save more than 300 hours of staff time each year.

For more information on this and ways to protect your property, please click here where a letter can be downloaded if needed for your insurance.


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