Cheesies are described as ‘crunchy popped cheese’. They are low carb, high protein, gluten free and vegetarian, and come in three flavours, cheddar, gouda and emmental.

The basic, paper bag style packaging fits very well with the healthy image and the instructions on the packs are witty – store in a dark, cool place like an arthouse cinema, Scandinavia or the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Cheesies are cheese but not as you know it. Like cheese? Grate.

So much for the build up, but what are they like to eat?

The 60g packet is handily resealable, which is good because while they are definitely moreish, you don’t want to eat a full packet all at once – they are filling, contain three servings and are meant to be shared.

When the pack is opened, the Cheesies look almost like popcorn, they are small crunchy snacks, about a centimetre in diameter, roughly spherical though they don’t really have a regular shape.

The Cheddar flavour is the darkest in colour, looking like toasted cheese and tasting very much like crunchy pieces of cheese straws. They have a full, slightly salty cheddar cheese taste and are the tastiest of the three flavours.

Gouda Cheesies have a more delicate flavour. They are lighter in colour than the cheddar ones, though the texture is the same.

Emmental Cheesies are the palest of the three flavours and have the least cheesy taste. The texture is slightly softer than the others too. One tester said this flavour reminded them of cream crackers.

If you like cheese, you can’t really go too far wrong with Cheesies, they are crunchy, very tasty and would be great to share as a party nibble. 115 calories for a 20g serving is similar to a packet of crisps. Cheesies have about 45% more fat, but 100g of crisps have around 55g of carbs and Cheesies are free of carbs. If reducing your carbohydrates intake is important to you, you need to check out Cheesies.

I’d certainly give Cheesies our Stamp of Approval and they are available to purchase now at Amazon.


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