Colour Changing Gin Kit

Our friends’ over at Amazon Launchpad sent us over a sample of the Sandy Leaf Farm colour changing gin kit to try. The kit makes five bottles of colour changing gin that will magically turn from a blueish purple to pink when added to tonic water.

For years they have been brewing their own beer, making their own cheese, the list goes on. After requests from friends for lessons to show them how to make their own they finally decided to put together kits to make the whole process easy. From this Sandy Leaf Farm was born and they hope that you enjoy making their kits as much as we enjoy putting them together.

They also care deeply about the environment and want to make the impact of the kits as low as possible. All the electricity used at their Oxfordshire studio comes from renewable sources and they use recycled materials wherever possible. The ingredients are also responsibly sourced, they use organic, local and environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

The kit comes in a glossy presentation box and is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite tipple. The box includes instruction booklet, blue pea flowers, eco-friendly cotton filter bag, bottle labels, tasting pipette, earl grey infusion. Just add 750ml inexpensive gin per batch (and a little patience).

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I thought I would try the kit with a Tesco brand London Gin priced at £11.00 rather than the more expensive gins for my first attempt. After infusing the gin with the blue pea flowers for 12 hours the gin turned a pleasing shade of blue. I brought out the gin when I had friends over for pre-drinks before heading out to a night on the town. My friends are ridiculously hard to please and are massive fans of gin as everyone seems to be these days and they were very impressed when I poured them a drink and they magically changed colour before their eyes to a purple-pink colour. I used lemonade as my friends and I aren’t to keen on the tonic, mixed in a tall glass with ice and a slice of lemon on the side.

I would highly recommend this kit, it’s a fun product that can be used as a fun activity on a night in with friends or as a precursor whilst you’re getting ready for a night on the town.

I will be ordering a couple of these kits for a couple of gin lovers I know and as a gift for my Secret Santa colleague at work as I know they’ll love making these.

The Sandy Leaf Farm Colour Changing Gin Kit is available to buy at Amazon Launchpad.


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