Council announces record breaking investment in improving Air Quality across Sheffield and Rotherham

Sheffield and Rotherham Councils are today announcing record new levels of investment in tackling air pollution. £2m will be invested from the “Early Measure Fund”.

The successful bid will start to fund a package of ‘Early Measures’ to meet the ambitious standards set out in Sheffield’s Air Quality Strategy.

Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Transport and Sustainability said,

“I’m delighted we are working with our partners in Rotherham and making this record investment in cleaner, safer air. The investment we are making mean we will be able to make big progress in specific areas and tackle air pollution much more effectively.

“This huge investment in the week that we launched our Green City Strategy, shows that Sheffield City Council is committed to tackling this dangerous air, especially as it comes on top of our £1.9m investment in 115 cleaner, greener buses we announced month.

“Sheffield Council has always believed that dangerous, polluted air is a public health crisis in this country, which is why we supplied evidence that persuaded the High Court to rule the government’s plans were unlawful and inadequate.

“So whilst I’m pleased the Government has assisted with this project, there is still so much further for them to go if British people are to have the clean air they are entitled to.

“I will now ensure we use this investment to deliver the best solution for people in Sheffield. But the bottom line is we need the government to go much further in matching our commitment and at the moment they are falling far short.”

Today’s announcement will mean a number of quick wins for Sheffield and Rotherham councils.

For Sheffield, it will see the introduction of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Points, an electric Taxi leasing trial, junction signal improvements to tackle known congestion issues and funding for public engagement and campaigns, building on the existing Air Aware Sheffield campaign. The cleaner air from reduced exhaust emissions will be further enhanced by reduced traffic levels from more drivers on buses, cycles and other sustainable transport.

Later work will support the delivery of the measures which are likely to be recommended by the main feasibility study the councils are currently undertaking to improve air quality in the shortest possible time.


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