Council offers invitation to Extinction Rebellion

Councillor Lewis Dagnall, Cabinet Member for Climate Change at Sheffield City Council, has today (14 March) invited Extinction Rebellion and other climate change groups to meet with him to discuss the global climate emergency and how Sheffield can become a zero carbon city.

Councillor Dagnall will be speaking at Extinction Rebellion Sheffield’s peaceful rally and demonstration outside the Town Hall tomorrow (15 May 2019) before the annual full council meeting.

Councillor Dagnall said: “Sheffield was one of the first major cities to declare a climate change emergency following last year’s major wake-up call by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“We are working urgently with partners to understand the implications for Sheffield, and will soon revise the city’s deadline for carbon neutrality to take account of our obligations. It is likely our target will need to be brought forward by decades, such is scale of the emergency.

“Sheffield can be proud of its track record. The city has long pursued progressive policies towards the environment and embraced new, cleaner technology  – from introducing district heating in the 1970s to trialing the largest fleet of hydrogen vehicles outside of London today.

“However, we must now go much further and much faster to avert irreversible damage to our environment and climate. It must be a joint task for the city as a whole, and in my new role as lead member for climate change at the City Council, I want to invite Extinction Rebellion and other groups campaigning on climate change to meet with me to discuss how we can work together.”


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