Councillors campaign secures “contactless” payments on Sheffield Trams

Following demands from Labour councillors, Supertram have announced that passengers will finally be able to use their bank cards to pay for tickets on Sheffield’s trams.

This move is a long time coming, and something which Labour councillors have been demanding for some time.

Following local concerns Park and Arbourthorne councillors Ben Miskell and Jack Scott met last year with Stagecoach bosses, who run Supertram, to ask for modern developments to be used on the tram network to help passengers, and Stagecoach have this week announced plans to bring contactless payments to their tram fleet for the first time.

Commenting on this Labour Councillor Ben Miskell stated “I am delighted that Stagecoach have finally taken the decision to end years of frustration for tram passengers by allowing people to pay for their fares using contactless cards. 

“I’ve been campaigning on the issue to help get more of my constituents on to public transport. A lack of card payment continues to be a barrier for many to using the Supertram network. 

“Whilst it’s a positive move by managers at Stagecoach, it really shouldn’t have taken this long to bring our trams into the 21st century.”

It is now hoped that from the start of the summer contactless payments will be up and running.

Commenting further Sheffield’s Cabinet Member for Transport Councillor Jack Scott said:

“It’s great but long overdue news. Though we have been given a rough timetable for implementation, Labour councillors will be pushing Supertram to ensure this is done at the earliest opportunity”.

“Labour is committed to the best possible public transport in Sheffield and we will always look to do what we can to make passengers lives easier, and encourage greener modes of travel”.


  1. Just got onto Sheffield Trams today having read your article before I left home as I had no change…yep, it said in January 2019, contactless payment secured. Implementation as soon as!!! August 29.2019 still not available…what going on????


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