D-Day education drive for local school children gets backing from city’s Blitz retail survivor

A Sheffield retail institution that was flattened in the Blitz of 1940 has been helping scores of school children learn about D-Day and the Second World War.

Atkinsons, which is currently celebrating its 147th birthday, has been funding the re-printing and circulation of original articles from The Star newspaper from 1944 to mark the 75th anniversary of allied landings in France.

The commemorative newspaper supplement – which actually includes an Atkinsons advert from the era – is been given away free to school children in 12 Sheffield schools.

John Atkinson opened his first shop on the Moor (then known as South Street) in 1872.

The store was flattened on the night of December 12, 1940, the first night of the Sheffield Blitz.

Its present store wasn’t opened until 1960.

David Cartwright, Atkinsons store manager, said: “We were very keen to get behind The Star’s initiative to educate today’s younger generation about an event that truly shaped our country.”

The Star’s Editor Nancy Fielder said: “It has been great to be able to support children in Sheffield with a resource that will aid their studies into World War Two at a time when there is a lack of funding for schools in the city.

“We are also grateful to have been able to work with Atkinsons on this and extend our thanks to them as they are as much a part of Sheffield history as The Star.”


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