Day of Action across Lowedges and Gleadless Valley

Yesterday South Yorkshire Police carried out targeted activity across Lowedges and Gleadless Valley as part of thier dedicated week of action around knife crime, Op Sceptre.

Police have been working across Gleadless Valley, Lowedges, Batemore and Jordanthorpe carrying out high-visibility foot patrols, targeted activity to disrupt drug-related and violent crime and engagement events. 

In Lowedges and Gleadless Valley, officers were joined by Sheffield City Council’s Estates Team to check unregistered and disused garages for stolen vehicles, drugs and signs of criminal activity. 

Officers from the South West NPT delivered a series of knife-crime presentations at both primary and secondary schools in the area and children were also paid a visit by Mounted Officers. 

Sergeant Laurie Millington was leading the activity: “Days like this are so important, by bringing together resources from across the force we can tackle lots of different issues in one go. Some of it may seem low-level, but things like the garage checks can be significant in the disruption of organised criminal activity. 

“We were also joined by our colleagues from Derbyshire Police today, who helped our Traffic Officers to monitor the border for vehicles and individuals wanted in connection with drugs offences. High visibility patrols on key routes between our counties provides a deterrent but can also provide us with intelligence.”  

Children from Bankwood Primary School also helped carry out speed checks on drivers in Gleadless Valley, with a little help from the PCSOs of course!

PS Millington says little things like this do help in the long-term: “We know that by getting involved with local schools and their pupils at a young age has huge benefits. By developing relationships now, we hope that they will trust us in the future when they may be facing issues or problems in their local communities. Spending time today talking about what we do and listening to them is so valuable.”


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