Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington, a boy who has travelled to London to seek his fame and fortune. Seeking the streets that he has been told are “Paved with gold”. He arrives penniless, and without a friend in the world.

Luckily Fairy Bowbells introduces Tom the cat to Master Whittington. He now has a true friend, but what he and Tommy want most is to earn an honest living.

Tom and Dick soon find work in Alderman Fitzwarren, a merchants store. They are given the task to protect the store but more importantly the safe with Alderman’s daughters Alice most treasured birthday gift is kept. Unfortunately, a plague of rats are on a mission to sabotage Dick and Tom. Enter King Rat. King Rat detests both Whittington and his wretched cat Tommy. His plan is to steal the gift from the safe, but cleverly, he will then plant the gift on Dick causing him to get sacked and then ultimately leaving London for good.

Dick and Tommy the Cat turn to take one last look at London before Fairy Bowbells creates a spell that makes Dick Whittington dream of the future. In this dream, he sees himself made Lord Mayor of London, with Alice by his side. Dick and his loyal companion then hide away onboard a ship that’s set sail for Morocco along with Alice, her father, Honey B and her son Idle Jack along with a full cargo of rat poison that Alderman Fitzwarren will sell to a Moroccan Prince. A great storm brews up, the ship is in danger and soon sinks to the bottom of the sea. The characters are washed ashore-bedraggled, wet and lost. King Rat and his cronies are also there causing chaos in his Kingdom. The place is overrun with rats!

Thankfully, Tom can overcome the Rats and the Moroccan king rewards him with many treasures! Returning to London, wealthy and happy in love, Dick Whittington lands on his feet! Now the mayor of London and marrying his love Alice and living happily ever after.

A cast full of talented people but a few stand out from the rest. 

James Smith playing Idle Jack perfectly uplifting, just the right amount of silly and funny.

Captain Seasalt, a favourite character of my 12-year-old niece, describing him as ‘hilarious and not your typical stern captain” 

Christina Limb is every inch the perfect fairy. From her speaking voice to her mannerisms. Also, Christina’s voice is beyond breathtaking.

The star of the show for me has to be Robert Spink playing Dame Honey B. Absolutely hilarious, funny for both adults and the children. Jokes for all ages and comical timing was perfect. Amazing crowd interaction and bantering with the other cast members. Amazing and very well played.

The show throughout was very interactive with the crowd which all ages could get involved with but the musical numbers were very popular. Twiddly Winky Woo was one where everyone got involved with and the baking number was a favourite for the children as it allowed them to get involved. Everyone wants to be a rat was another good number, very catchy with you wanting to dance along with the dancers on stage. 

There were many costume changes throughout the show, really helping you follow the storyline. The Fitzwarren store costumes and the Moroccan Palace party costumes were both bright and sparkly, perfectly catching the lights and wowing the crowds. The costumes in Dicks Dream where royal and majestic, really allowing you to dive into the world of what would be Dick as mayor. 

Dicks loyal companion Toms costume was realistic. From the ears headpiece, the detailed face paint and furry catsuit. Every strand of hair moving and really making you believe there was a real cat on stage.

Honey B again stealing the show with her costumes, I believe changing more in the show than anyone else. Each look as glamorous, colourful and altogether cheerful than the last. The Dames squid look getting the most laughs. 

Beautifully painted backdrops and sets, especially the Fitzwarren shop and the Moroccan Palace. A firm favourite was the Under The Sea scenes, with the dancers wearing all black costumes and carrying UV sea creatures. It was an explosion of fun and colour and was enjoyed by not only the children but adults too.

Dick Whittington is at the Sheffield City Hall until 5th January 2020. You can buy tickets for the show here.


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