‘Doppelgangster’s Cold War’ by Doppelgangster

A theatrical call to arms in the fight against climate change From internationally acclaimed pranksters, eco-activists Doppelgangster.

A fierce new production –  ‘Doppelgangster’s COLD WAR’, from internationally acclaimed, UK and Australian-based company Doppelgangster, will tour Prague for the annual fringe festival. Part gig, part theatre, part political intervention, this mesmeric two person show – blasts a light on the growing ecological disaster. 
A polar bear kills its young: It’s that emaciated polar bear from every article about climate change ever. A dashing pilot crash lands in the Arctic. He’s only got one flare left. Now they’re stuck together on a sheet of pack ice hoping to be saved. Or maybe they’re just two losers in velvet lounge suits eating snow cones in a cheap Vegas motel room.

Doppelgangster’s COLD WAR is a thrilling, hypnotic, phantasmagoric spectacle from the dusk of the climate crisis. Text-based, post-dramatic, political satire, featuring two extraordinary performers, and a violent and anarchic experimental jazz score. Doppelgangster is one of the world’s leading environmental and political activist theatre companies and has staged controversial performances at UN Climate Talks, corporate expos, and public demonstrations. 

The Local Theatre is a brand new independent performing arts venue in Sheffield, UK.Doppelgangster’s COLD WAR is created, directed and performed by Doppelgangster’s Dr Tom Payne & Tobias Manderson-Galvin; with composition from Jules Pascoe (JAZZPARTY).On Doppelgangster: “Wildly experimental and wildly entertaining.” – Daily Review “Theatrical Saboteurs” – The Age “Audacious, chaotic, and brazenly charming” – Arts Hub

Dates 8 – 11 May 2019  
Times 7:30pm Wed-Sat  
Duration 55 minutes  
Venue The Local Theatre 
Location Snig Hill, Sheffield 
Tickets £5-10 Booking doppelgangster.com

Age 14+ pervasive language

From the artists:re: Climate Change + Art We are in the midst of an ecological crisis, and there is disconnect between our cosseted experience in the global north and that of those living in the south. Cognitive dissonance has led us to take half measures in response to an imminent catastrophe. Like a gaggle of smokers hanging idly in the doorway of a dingy bar, we’ve taken our collective complacency as a sign that all will be ok. Climate change is no longer a slow cancer but a full-blown disease ravaging the corpus of the earth.

Without immediate action on the scale of military and civil undertakings last witnessed during WW2, billions of people face poverty, starvation, searing heat, drought and floods. We are in the midst of an extinction level event.

Polar bears, the much-maligned poster boys of eco activism, are on the move. Displaced and hungry, they recently overran a Russian village whilst scavenging for food. Interspecies conflicts as a result of diminishing natural resources are likely to increase, and without action, we risk a full-scale battle with nature, and an escalation in human-to-human conflict.

Doppelgangster’s COLD WAR is us confronting these problems and the show is like whatever the opposite of a car chase is. You’ve got a couple of characters stuck together in a zero-sum-game. Is there a particular flavour of syrup that’s going to go best with the last of the clean water? Do we wait for the ice to melt? Do polar bears think we’re just naked, irresponsible polar bears?

– Dr Tom Payne (Lecturer in Performance at Sheffield Hallam University).


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