Emerging artists from across the world head to Sheffield

An eclectic musical performance will visit Sheffield this autumn as part of a two-week UK tour from Making Tracks, an organisation that brings together diverse artists from all corners of the globe.

Showcasing unique music traditions, initiating new collaborations and developing strategies for music-based social and environmental engagement, the tour will stop at Firth Hall on Wednesday 6th November as part of University of Sheffield Concerts.

Making Tracks was established in 2010 by Katerina Pavlakis as a travelling season of concerts, bringing some of the newest and most exciting music from around the globe to local settings in partnership with leading venues across the UK.

This year, Making Tracks has set out a new model where a selection of individual emerging musicians from the UK and around the world – Making Tracks Fellows – are brought together for a 10-day residency and a 2-week tour.

During the Making Tracks Residency, this year held in late October in partnership with the ground-breaking US organisation Found Sound Nation (Bang on a Can, OneBeat), eight musicians representing a range of nationalities including the UK, Turkey, Armenia, Kenya and Estonia come together to create new collaborative works, explore and develop strategies for social and environmental engagement and receive professional development from a team of industry experts. The group subsequently heads off on a UK tour, showcasing solo performances as well as new collaborative works incubated during the residency.

Merlyn Driver, Director at Making Tracks, commented: “We’re really excited to start this new chapter for Making Tracks and bring these incredible musicians to venues throughout the UK.”

“We believe that encounters between the ‘strange’ and the ‘familiar’ have the power to foster greater empathy, tolerance and understanding across social, cultural and geographical divides. Given the current political climate, projects like Making Tracks – based here in the UK but open to musicians from around the world – are more important than ever.”

“Our new model attempts to make the most of the almost infinite possibilities that you get when you bring together adventurous musicians from around the world. Through our new model of a ‘residency + tour’, we’re able to support the careers of emerging musicians, while showcasing largely unheard musical traditions, creating new collaborative works and exploring strategies for social and environmental engagement.”

“We want our new model to address the void within almost all music-making and performance when it comes to environmental engagement. As young people mobilise and discourse around climate change and the environment becomes increasingly mainstream, we believe that music can – and must – come to play a greater role. Part of that means making practical changes, but it also means bringing reverence for nature into emerging musicians’ music-making.”

Luna Silva, one of the Making Tracks 2019 Fellows added: “I’m really excited about meeting other musicians from completely different backgrounds and sharing our common experiences. My role as a musician is often on my mind, our role in society and how environmentally conscious we can be.”

Making Tracks 2019 will be putting on ten shows across the UK and will be coming to Sheffield’s Firth Hall on Wednesday 6th November. For more information or to buy tickets please visit https://makingtracksmusic.org.


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