Enjoy a taste of the music of Lost Chord

LEADING dementia charity Lord Chord is offering musical taster sessions to care homes and day centres across South Yorkshire.

Lost Chord is the organisation that provides vital interactive musical experiences for people living with dementia.

Now in its 21st year, Lost Chord has a network of venues across the region and nationally where the charity’s team of professional musicians perform regularly.

And as interest in the charity continues to grow, Chief Executive Helena Muller is now offering taster sessions to homes who might not in the past have experienced the positive impact of Lost Chord sessions.

“With no known cure and little effective treatment for this condition, Lost Chord reaches out to people with dementia through music, song and dance,” Helena explained.

“One of our primary aims is to reduce the stigma and social isolation of dementia, helping people to live well and happy lives, because clinical evidence indicates that the power of live music has a significant positive impact and there are certain areas of the brain associated with music which remain potentially responsive when all other areas have deteriorated.

“With this in mind and with so many areas of social care in crisis, people with dementia need the support of Lost Chord more than ever.

“Over more than 20 years of attending and taking an active part in sessions with our wonderful professional musicians, I can vouch for the fact that the power of live music in unlocking memories is striking, powerful and undeniable.”

To find out more about Lost Chord or to arrange a taster session for a residential home or day centre in South Yorkshire call 01709 811160, email info@lost-chord.org.uk or visit www.lost-chord.org.uk

The charity can also be followed on Facebook at lostchordmaltby or on Twitter with @lchord


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