Everybody needs good neighbours in Shiregreen

A new set of guidelines about being a good neighbour has been launched in Shiregreen.

The Shiregreen Good Neighbour Charter – developed by the Shiregreen Community Committee alongside Sanctuary Housing – has been delivered to every household in the neighbourhood and contains advice on how to deal with a range of issues which can cause conflict between neighbours.

The charter covers matters such as noise, parking and gardens, as well as what to do if a resident experiences antisocial behaviour.

Janet Brind, chair of the Shiregreen Community Committee, said: “Based on the good work that has already been undertaken in Shiregreen to draw the community together, the committee felt such a charter would continue that process.

“The simple principles of respect and consideration for our neighbours underpin the charter in order to benefit all who live in the area.”

Sanctuary’s neighbourhood partnerships manager, Melanie King, added: “We all lead busy lives and sometimes we forget about the people who live around us.

“Shiregreen is a great place to live but we can all make it better by considering our neighbours and neighbourhood. We hope that the charter will help to encourage a good community feeling this summer.”

A full copy of the Shiregreen Good Neighbour Charter is available on Sanctuary Housing’s website: https://www.sanctuary-housing.co.uk/local-to-you/sanctuary-housing-north.


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