Expandable Garden Hose

Since moving from a London flat with only access to a shared garden to moving to Yorkshire countryside and having two decent sized gardens to myself, I’ve tried a few different expandable hosepipes, particularly following moving to a new-build and turf not being laid for over a year later and it being practically dead on being laid and at the start of an exceedingly hot summer, and the two brands I’ve tried (a big known named brand in the gardening tools world and a high street retailers own brand), I’ve needed to have an extending hose to reach my back garden, due to the kitchen being at the front of the house where the outside tap is also located. 

The big brand one was my first purchase, and at £59.99 it wasn’t cheap.  At first it seemed worth the price tag, but halfway into its second year, it started to leak.  I then spent £25 on a stores own brand, which was horrendous from day one, being much harder to fit than the high end branded one, leaking all the time and the end part not staying in place, resulting in being randomly soaked by the hose.

I was therefore somewhat sceptical about this particular model.  It looked cheaper, the packaging was poor quality and damaged on arrival (it took ages to come – along with the grammar on the box I’d guess it’s a Chinese import). But it set up easily enough and a good four months into using it, I haven’t experienced any of the issues I have had with previous purchases of the same sort of item. So far there’s been no kinking on the hose, no water only expanding so far to then stop it working and no leeks.  

During the heatwave summer we had, I’ve used the hose daily to water two large gardens and tons of potted plants, washed the car and cooled myself down.   The handy over-the-tap holder which is included in the package means that without any tools you can simply place it over the outside tap prior to attaching the hose to the tap, and the hose simply winds round for tidy storage.  There’s also a draw string bag included in the package but it’s unclear what that is for – the instructions – or lack of in this case – require vast improvements – but don’t let that put you off – overall it’s doing well so far, I guess the real test of time will be how it survives winter.  I am tempted to unfix it from the tap before December and store it away safely in the shed. 

I’m unaware of the price of this item but I would be prepared to pay up to £40 for it.  Overall it’s been a favourite every day essential item in the warmer months and has not only exceeded my expectations but it’s also knocked spots off the most known brand for garden hoses and equipment which I paid silly money for it to not last very long.

Expandable Garden Hose is available to buy at Amazon.


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