First ‘In House’ Production of Twelfth Night by Merlin Theatre

The Merlin Theatre (Sheffield) is embarking on its very own professional production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth night on April 20th – 21st (7:30 pm) in celebration of the Theatre’s 50th year anniversary.

The Merlin Theatre reopened to the community in January 2018 following considerable water damage, as a social enterprise offering the students of Ruskin Mill Trust an opportunity to gain qualifications and valuable work experience within a working Theatre environment. For over 30 years, Ruskin Mill Trust has provided Specialist Independent Education to children and adults with complex needs, including learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions and disabilities.

April 23rd 1969 (Shakespeare birthday) the Merlin Theatre opened to the public with a production of Henry V where the newly formed Merlin Players group focussed on producing plays from all genres and provided local Schools the opportunity to embark on storytelling. It was in 2005 that Freeman College took over the Theatre and grounds in order to maintain its historic beauty and connection to the community, and in doing so created a magnificent space, fitting to the delivery of the Ruskin Mill Trust method of Practical Skills Therapeutic education (PSTE).

The Merlin celebrates the past 50 years with an exhibition of historical archives sited at the Gallery at Fusion Café (Arundel Street, Sheffield) as well as producing the classic comedy Twelfth Night and reminiscent of 1969, the Merlin engages local actors to enrich the surrounding community. This version of Twelfth Night (set in Sheffield) explores varied subject matter including identity, transgender, and the sheer importance of popularity and adoration set against the modern-day backdrop Britain today, encompassing our social and economic pressures.

Venue: Merlin Theatre, 2 Meadow Bank Road, Sheffield S11 9AH.

Dates: Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of April 7:30pm

Tickets: £12.50

Tickets also available on the door.

Car park: on street parking available. Our small onsite car park reserved for elderly and disabled only.


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