Flashdance arrived at The Lyceum Theatre this week, complete with sequins, energy and neon lights. The auditorium was packed and quite obviously full of fans of the 1983 film. The story is centred around leading lady Alex Owens: steel worker by day, exotic dancer by night. Her dream is to get in to a real dance company and with encouragement from her boss/boyfriend, sets off working towards an audition that could land her there. Essentially it is a feel-good, romantic tale.

The films soundtrack was quite a famous one. Selling over 6 million copies in the US, some of the biggest hits you will to get to hear during this stage production too including: What a Feeling, Maniac, I Love Rock and Roll and Gloria.

This version is very similar to the film but could have done with a little more injecting in to the storyline for the stage. It needs a little more content as the plot could actually be told in a very short half, it almost feels like this version has been ‘padded out’.

Joanne Clifton (Strictly Come Dancing star) takes the lead as Alex. She is such a talented dancer, putting her entirety in to every step. She has a really wide range and beautiful tone to her voice but sometimes is let down by the occasional lack of diction. The male lead was understudy Colin Kiyani, playing Nick Hurley, and what a great stand in he is. He had great stage presence and a marvellous voice.

The Chorus were outstanding, a very important part of this production with the main theme of dance running through, they were on stage for the majority. They provided the show with unlimited energy and the group dances were executed to perfection. Great chorus members that really stood out were Emily Kenwright, Sia Dauda, Demmleigh Foster, Rhodri Watkins and Simon Beckett.

Stand out moments included the big numbers; Gloria and Maniac… fantastic choreography from Matt Cole, enabling lots of cast to be on stage at one time. The finale of the show was one of celebration and dance, everyone on stage giving it 100% and the entire audience on their feet.


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