Freshn Argan Oil Shampoo

You can pretty much pick shampoo up these days for next to nothing. That is unless you are allergic to certain ingredients, vegan, or wanting to be environmentally conscious. If you are any of those things then shampoo comes at a bit more of a cost and also can be a little bit harder to find. So how did this rate? I spent 2 weeks with this Freshn bottle…carry on reading to find out!

Freshn Argan Oil Shampoo is cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free and suits all hair types. It is also enriched with biotin, vitamin B5, echinacea and aloe vera. I suppose when you are looking for a shampoo with unique qualities like listed above, you are not too concerned about the aesthetics of the bottle. That being said I can’t complain when you do get something that looks pretty decent. This is a 473ml classy bottle of shampoo. It is tall, dark-chocolate brown finished with a matte, well-described label.

The bottle is topped with a press lid which you press to allow the shampoo to come out. This is a much preferred method of extracting shampoo. There is nothing more annoying than having to take the entire top off the bottle to wash your hair. The shampoo has a really nice, subtle scent. It’s not tacky or fruity and seems quite unique. You don’t need much of the shampoo and it creates a quick and plentiful lather. It really does feel super silky while you are washing. When you rinse off the shampoo it doesn’t rinse straight out, it takes a few rinses, which I feel is always a sign of a quality product. Almost like it is grabbing on to the hair. After I had washed and dried my hair it did feel in very good condition, slightly silkier to normal. I must admit I was quite worried about using a product with argan oil in it just in case it was going to make my hair to too greasy, too soon. However it didn’t and my hair was ready for washing at its normal pace.

Are there any down sides to this product? Not in my opinion. The only negative would probably be that there is no conditioner to go alongside it from the same company. So bring one out soon please!

I would definitely use the shampoo again, the fact that it is sulphate-free for me is a complete winner but also really enjoy using the product and the smell is delicious. I also love using products that are made in the UK, which this is.

Freshn Argan Oil Shampoo is available to buy at Amazon.


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