Gerry Cinnamon Announces 2020 Sheffield date

Gerry Cinnamon’s music crosses generations in a way that only a handful of wordsmiths can – relatable, relevant and a true story teller. Unsigned and unmatched in his ability to operate outside of the mainstream Gerry has become a cult hero and force to be reckoned with.

His upcoming UK and Ireland headline tour, which will see the singer songwriter perform his first ever show at Sheffield’s Fly DSA Arena on Tuesday 2nd June 2020, is set to continue his legacy of selling out shows in minutes. Tickets, priced £40.40 & £26.35 including fees, go on general sale at 9am on Friday 6th December and are available online at or 0114 256 56 56.

The inimitable live shows are infamous for their wild atmosphere and special sing along moments; with his crowd singing every word – to every song – many before they are even released.

Gerry Cinnamon’s hugely anticipated self-produced, self-released debut album Erratic Cinematic rocketed to the top of the iTunes album charts on release with little more than a social media post; holding off some of the biggest names the industry has to offer.

His anthemic tracks, laced with social commentary have captured the imagination of audiences up and down the country. With every track being different, it keeps the listener on their toes. Using loop pedal harmonies and pounding kick drums, Gerry makes a habit of whipping the audience into a frenzy which sees them leaving on a high and wanting more.

In an age of information overload, it’s clear Gerry Cinnamon cuts through the noise.  No longer is the intermediary power with the label or the media. It is between the artist and the people. Gerry is perhaps the UK’s or the World’s best example of that.

He is more than an artist but a phenomenon, paving the way for the next generation of DIY pioneers.

The awards, the sold out shows and the reaction to his critically acclaimed debut album has not only propelled him to the next level but has affirmed his place as a writer as well as a live act.

Cinnamon says:

On his sell-out shows: “It’s been beyond wild. Scottish tour sold out in minutes. England and Ireland dates done the same. We’ve got no marketing machine behind us. It’s all just from word of mouth. That means it’s real though. That means the folk who come to the gigs are there ’cause they love their tunes. And it shows. From the minute the doors open the building starts shaking. See when the crowd is with you singing every word it’s a mad feeling. Beautiful mayhem doesn’t even get anywhere near it.”

On his debut album: “It’s been a long time coming! But every time I sat down to record, I ended up writing new stuff. Pretty buzzing about how it’s been received. I’m a writer first and a musician second so it’s cool to be recognised for the writing and not just the live shows. It’s just the tunes, no record label, no promo, just the tunes. That means it’s real man.”

“I think the new material is the best I’ve ever written and no-ones even heard it yet. Can’t wait to get the next one out sharpish.

Gerry Cinnamon performs at the FlyDSA Arena Sheffield on Tuesday 2nd June 2020. Tickets, priced £40.40 & £26.35 including fees, go on general sale at 9am on Friday 6th December and are available online at or 0114 256 56 56.


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