Grenoside and Birley Carr Players make an Appointment With Death

THE merciless heat of a blistering Arabian sun, the shadow of the fabled rose red city of Petra…the perfect setting for murder!

Grenoside and Birley Carr Players take a journey into the darker side of humanity as they present Agatha Christie’s classic story of family lies and secrets, Appointment With Death.

A family of wealthy American 1920s tourists, presided over by a tyrannical and cruel stepmother, head from Jerusalem into the Jordanian desert in the company of a group of curious fellow travellers.

But as they embark on their journey of archaeological discovery, domestic secrets are exposed, a battle of wills develops an unstoppable force and tensions reach boiling point as one member of the party makes an appointment with death.

And for anybody who has read the original novel or seen the movie adaptation, Christie herself created one final twist in her stage adaptation to throw even the most enthusiastic amateur sleuth off guard.

Appointment With Death runs at Grenoside Community Centre from October 16 to 19. Tickets available on 0114 2460522.


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