Group jailed for burglary conspiracy

Five men have been jailed for over 36 years after admitting their role in a burglary conspiracy, which saw them commit over 40 offences across South Yorkshire in a three-month period last year.

Appearing at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday 4 January were:

  • Daniel Fenwick, 28, formerly of Spring Close View, Sheffield
  • AJ Ford, 18, formerly of Stovin Drive, Sheffield
  • Joseph Lawrenson, 19, formerly of Stovin Drive, Sheffield
  • Bradley Watson, 22, formerly of Greenwood Avenue, Sheffield
  • Jack Wright, 19, formerly of Nursery Drive, Rotherham

Each had entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to commit burglary at an earlier hearing.

Fenwick, who also entered a guilty plea to possession of an imitation firearm, was sentenced to nine years and four months in prison.

Ford and Lawrenson were also jailed for nine years each, with Lawrenson receiving an additional four-month prison sentence to run consecutively for breach of an order.

Watson and Wright were jailed for four years each for their role in the conspiracy. Watson was also sentenced to 12-weeks in prison, to run consecutively, for breach of an order.

The court heard how in early 2018, there was a spike in reports of residential burglary across the county. Across many of those reports, similarities in how the crimes were committed began to emerge. This included the descriptions of the suspects, the time the offences were committed and how the properties were searched.

Detective Constable Philip Dean said: “These five men conspired together to commit a significant number of burglaries and other criminality in our region and I am pleased that they have been sent to prison.

“Their crimes were organised and coordinated, with the group admitting responsibility for a conspiracy involving over 40 offences before the courts.

“We had experienced a spike in residential burglaries across the city in early 2018 and there were alarming similarities across many of the reports, including clothing worn and the descriptions given of the suspects.

“Their spree came to an end after painstaking work by investigating officers, which involved scouring CCTV, recovering forensic evidence, clothing examination and telephone work.

“Such was the evidence gathered throughout our inquiry that they have pleaded guilty to their crimes.

“I hope all the victims affected by the actions of these five individuals are reassured that they are now behind bars and can cause no further harm to the public of South Yorkshire.”


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