Homeless charity Emmaus Sheffield going green for 2020

HOMELESS charity Emmaus Sheffield is aiming to make 2020 its greenest year ever.

Emmaus Sheffield is a drug and alcohol free project that provides a home, support and work for formerly homeless people in the city.

Through its Social Enterprise the project aims to ]provide meaningful work for the people it supports – also known as companions – to eventually become self-supporting once more.

As the New Year approaches, the charity aims to place green issues at the top of the agenda as they see this as an essential subject which needs to be addressed.

“We already have the environment very much at our heart as our second hand superstore is all about recycling and repurposing household items” said Emmaus Sheffield CEO Graham Bostock.

“We sell things that might otherwise be abandoned and we have a team who up-cycle pieces of furniture and create items from recycled materials that might otherwise have gone straight to the tip.

“Two of our companions recently completed an upholstery course and with more training planned for the future we hope to recycle more furniture instead of it going to landfill.

We have our own fully trained electrical PAT testers on site, so we are able to take household electrical items and sell them on, with the assurance for our customers that they are safe and in complete working order.

“Furniture, clothing, books, CDs, DVDs – they all have a new life when they come to us which is surely how we should all be thinking now – saving instead of destroying.”

At the same time, the charity has also appointed a recycling officer to maintain environmental standards across the Emmaus site at the historic Sipelia Works in Cadman Street, close to the Sheffield Canal Basin.

Graham added “Our new recycling officer will be looking into a more efficient use of heat and power at our site, as well as ensuring glass, plastic, cardboard etc is recycled in a proper manner”.

“It’s all about working on our carbon footprint,” said Graham. “We firmly believe that if everybody makes those small but important changes, then we really can all achieve something for the greater good of the planet.”

To find out more about Emmaus Sheffield and its work visit www.emmaus-sheffield.org.uk


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