I Want My Mummy!

I’m sure every parent dreads the October school holidays. Having to keep the children entertained when the nights are getting darker and the weather has seen better days. Thankfully Far Far Away Theatre comes to every parent’s rescue with their production of I Want My Mummy!

Baroness Frankenstein has opened her castle doors to Monsters of the world struggling to fit into society. Unbeknown to her guests, the kind baroness is looking after the castle for Mrs Hoople, a wealthy American widow who sends monthly cheques to pay for the staff she imagines are working there.

So, what do these zany creatures do when Mrs Hoople arrives rather unexpectedly to inspect the premises? Well, pose as the servants, of course!

The musical was well written, quick and funny. The audience participation where a lady was brought onto the stage to help bring Frankenstein to life was a particular highlight.

The overall story helped capture the imagination of the audience with plenty of laughs. The hint of adult humour while remaining family-friendly kept everyone entertained both young and old.

Some of the stand out characters of the night included The Baroness, Kharis, the geordie mummy and Egor the humpbacked idiot butler.

The props, staging, lighting and costumes were a visual feast for the eyes with lots of colour on stage perfect for the intended audience.

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This show genuinely deserves its 5* rating and I would recommend seeing it before it completes its run, We walked out of the theatre with smiles on our faces and singing the songs on our way home.

I Want My Mummy! is at The Montgomery until Thursday 31st October. You can buy tickets here.


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