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Being middle aged and starting to lose my hair I’m very precious about who I let cut and style it, I normally go to a salon in the city centre and pay £25 per cut. I was happy with this and had no reason to change but I had a works party coming up and I was unable to get an appointment at my usual place and I was desperate for a cut.

I’d recently been followed by J.H. Stylists on Instagram and noticed one of my friends also followed them so I asked what they were like and what they charged. I was told £5 for a cut and they were ok. Well my inner snob reared its head at this news, and I was put off thinking it would be terrible for that price, so I continued my search for a place to get my hair cut. 

With the afternoon progressing quickly and the evening approaching fast I’d still not managed to get an appointment anywhere. Desperation starting to kick in I thought I’d give J.H. Stylists as go, I mean what’s the worst that can happen, and my hair would grow back eventually. I headed off to catch the tram to Middlewood.

On my arrival at the salon, I was welcomed and pointed towards the chairs where three other people were waiting. I watched intently sizing up the skills of the hairdressers while he was cutting the other peoples hair.

Finally, it was my turn and I was seated in the chair, I explained what I was looking for and how I wanted my hair to be cut and then I let the stylist get to work.

After wrapping the gown around me he placed and an elasticated piece of tissue around my neck and folded it down over the gown, having never seen this done before I wondered what purpose this served.

About twenty-five minutes later my hair was finished, after showing me in the mirror the back I was happy and thought to myself, not a bad job for a fiver.

One thing I noticed was the attention to detail while my hair was being cut, which brings me back to the elasticated tissue, it was to stop the pesky bits of hair from getting down my collar, which you normally always end up with. The hairdresser took his time and didn’t rush to get to the next client. At first, I thought the speed was due to inexperience but after going back a number of times over the last year, I’ve come to the conclusion that it really is just down to attention to detail and making sure the cut is done correctly.

You can’t go wrong for five pounds, and even though the cost has been increased to eight pounds now its still excellent value for money, I’m now a regular client and try to get at least every two weeks.

J.H. Stylists can be contacted on Instagram. J.H. Stylists is situated at 474 Middlewood Road, Sheffield, S6 1TQ.

Update: J.H. Stylists has now closed down.


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