Just Because Candle by Best Kept Secrets

For those of you that have read my other candle review, you will know that I am totally obsessed with candles. If I am in the house, I will have a candle on (I have one burning next to me right now) They create such a lovey ambiance, light and smell that I feel every home deserves.

Today I am reviewing a candle that I have had for a while now. This is the only candle that I have had for a ‘while’, why is that I hear you ask? Well that is because I only put it on every now and then as I just don’t want it to run out! I go through approximately 4-5 candles a month and I have had this one since Christmas last year. It is the most divine smelling candle and I have yet to find a scent that I prefer. The scent is sparkling neroli, citrus and sandalwood.

The candle is housed in tin casing, I normally prefer them in a glass so that I can see the flame when the wick gets low so this is probably the only design issue I have with it. The thing I love most about the design is that at the top of the candle there are lots of little sweetie looking bits of wax with some glitter and sparkle. Even though I am half way down the tin, it is still there whoohoo.

This candle was a gift from my lovely sister but I decided to look online to see how much it would be to buy a few more of these to keep in stock. My findings were a little disappointing because even though this is my favourite scent ever, I just found it maybe a little expensive to buy for anything other than a special occasion. For this candle, you will pay £9 plus postage and packaging. Considering that this is just a small candle with not much burn time, I don’t really want to be buying many of these at once. I will just hold out hope that I get them for presents in the future.

I’d certainly give the Just Because Candles range our Stamp of Approval and they are available to purchase now from Amazon and Best Kept Secrets.

As described
Would recommend


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