Labour Announce New Bus Charter

At an important council meeting yesterday Sheffield Labour councillors announced plans for a new Bus Charter.

This follows in reaction to cuts made to bus services in the city from some of the major bus operators.

Labour Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Transport:

“Having been in this role for around four months now, complaints about bus services is one of the things I hear most about from the public and I have made my opposition to this round of bus cuts clear. But I’ve been disappointed that the bus companies are not listening and this has caused more anger as our bus services often feel unaccountable to local people.

“Ultimately government cuts nationally since 2010 have damaged the bus services to extreme lengths, but I do not want to accept fatalism or accept a managed decline. Instead I want to see a Sheffield bus service we can be proud, no matter the obstacles.

“I have asked council officials to develop a new Bus Charter. This will set out a new range of asks people want to see, and make representations on behalf of Sheffield to the bus companies and to the Sheffield City Region Mayor to raise their issues and concerns. I’m hoping that this will be something that we can work with councillors from other parties on, so we are working together to maximise the pressure put on the bus companies to get the right service for the people of Sheffield.

“We remain committed to supporting a franchising model as part of the Mayor’s bus review and in the long term this will be the best way to deliver the big changes that are needed, but we can’t wait for this review to conclude before taking action and we need a new way of holding the bus companies to account.

“I am not going to defend bus companies when they are not pulling their weight, and I want to see a new Charter to ensure a real partnership established to work towards the changes we all want to see. Labour remains committed to public transport and I want to see our bus operators matching this ambition”.


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