Labour Announce School, Play and Living Street Pilots

At today’s special climate change council meeting Labour have announced pilot schemes to close targeted roads to traffic for set periods of time.

The move is designed to create a better, less polluted and congested environment in Sheffield neighbourhoods and will be targeted at benefiting children.

As part of the announcement the council will develop pilots for

  • School Streets- where roads outside schools are closed at drop-off and pick-up
  • Play Streets- a resident led scheme where a road is closed to traffic for a set period of time, occurring at a designated time
  • Living Streets- where a road is closed to traffic completely

The schemes have been trialed in other areas and ease congestion, improve air quality and make roads safer. They also encourage more children to play out or to walk to school.

This comes after anti-idling signs have been placed at schools across the city, asking motorists to switch off their engine when stationary.

The council has also launched a consultation on the Clean Air Zone earlier this week.

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council said:

“These are all ideas local people have been coming forward with and there is a big appetite to see us create a cleaner, less congested and safer environment in our neighbourhoods across the city.

“This is about putting our children first, whether it be to create better places for them to play or making it safer for them to walk to school. When we think about pollution, it is particularly striking the damaging impact it has on the health of our children. This is not right and we must take action.

“A few years ago we moved the school in Tinsley because of the poor air quality, but we need to be doing more to make sure our children across the city are protected.

Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Transport and Development, said:

“We are looking at launching a number of pilot projects to trial these ideas. It is important that we get the right locations where people feel that this would work for their community. We will be developing more details around these pilots but would encourage any local community who would like to see these schemes in their area to get in touch and we can speak to them about their potential inclusion.

“This week we have launched consultation on a Clean Air Zone for the city and have taken action to clamp down on idling engines, particularly around schools, but we know there is more to do and hopefully these trials will be a success.”


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