Labour commits the Council to purchasing electricity generated from 100% renewable sources

In a significant change to current procurement of its energy supply Sheffield City Council will now purchase electricity generated solely by renewable sources.

The decision follows work from Labour councillors in changing the Council’s procurement policy and adoption of a ‘Green City Strategy’.

Currently the Council procures electricity for all Council buildings, street lighting and some schools through the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation Electricity Framework. In previous years this procurement route returned the best possible value – whilst generating 19% of its electricity from renewables.

However this contract is now coming to an end and Labour councillors committed the Council to looking at significantly greener energy sources. Following this it was determined that purchasing electricity generated from 100% renewable sources would only cost an additional £13,000 for 2019/20.

Speaking about the decision to make the green switch Councillor Lewis Dagnall, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said:

“De-carbonising the Council’s electricity supply is an important step towards meeting our environmental obligations.

“The Council has already reduced its CO2 emissions by nearly 20% since 2013, but this decision will take us further towards becoming carbon neutral. It fits within a range of environmental initiatives taken by the Labour administration, headed by our Green City Strategy and Partnership Board.”

Councillor Mohammed Maroof, Nether Edge and Sharrow commented that this was something that councillors have been actively pushing for:

“Together with my Labour colleagues we have been pushing for the council to do everything possible to make greater use of renewable sources for energy supply.

“I know that many local constituents cite climate change and localised air pollution as two major issues, and I am glad that under Labour this council is doing everything we can to tackle these issues head-on”.

“I am adamant that man-made climate change possess a huge threat to every one of us and we each must do everything we can to prevent this. As community and council leaders we are in a unique position to ensure that the city makes environmentally important decisions.

“Sheffield Labour councillors are committed to renewable energy – we were one of the first councils to state explicit opposition to fracking and to ban such activity on council land, and I am delighted that we have now committed the Council to an electricity supply delivered completely by renewables”.


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