Labour launch Local Election Manifesto for Sheffield – with promise to make Sheffield more prosperous and fairer

Sheffield Labour councillors have unveiled their election manifesto for the 2019 local elections.

Labour’s Local Election Manifesto is called “Forging Fairer Futures” and sets out the priorities and policies Labour believe will deliver a fairer, more prosperous future for Sheffield.

The Manifesto includes concrete policies for improving health and wellbeing in the city, making Sheffield communities safer and stronger, and using a growing and vibrant economy to bring greater opportunities and fairness.

The manifesto includes a commitment to affordable housing and building 1,600 new council homes as well as support for those renting privately – with a new charter of tenants’ rights and tough action against rogue landlords.

The city’s parks and green spaces could also get a major boost with a huge 100,000 trees to be planted over the next 10 years as well as major investment in park playgrounds.

The Manifesto claims to make growing the local economy a key priority with support for start-up and tech firms and polices to keep more money in the local economy. According to Labour councillors their Manifesto also boasts proud socialist polices such as stopping the Council signing up to any government privatisation of the NHS and a commitment to bringing more services in-house.

£460 million has been cut from Sheffield City Council’s budget by successive governments since 2010 and this has meant deep cuts to public services. In response to the immediate challenges caused by this, and nine years of austerity, Labour are pledging to increase support for the most vulnerable with new measures to tackle homelessness and extra support for those affected by welfare reform, such as universal credit.

There is also a commitment to stop ‘holiday hunger’, where poorer children are not able to access school meals during the holidays, by providing over 10,000 meals to children as well as increased activities to keep children healthy and active.

Labour are fielding candidates in every ward of the city and the Local Elections take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.


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