Lifestyle survey aims to boost health of city’s residents

Residents of Sheffield are to be quizzed about their health and lifestyle habits as part of a new project by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University.

Academics from Sheffield Business School would like adults permanently living in the city to take part in the Sheffield Residents’ Lifestyle Survey, the results from which will be used to inform Sheffield City Council initiatives to improve residents’ health and life expectancy.

Sheffield is one of the least deprived major cities in England, but there are deeply rooted and persisting divisions between its neighbourhoods. Moreover, while the city has a long established commitment to healthy lifestyles among its residents, recent studies show health inequalities are perpetual and not improving. Evidence shows that inequalities in health and well-being are linked to socio-economic deprivation and also to people’s lack of motivation to live healthier lifestyles.

Professor Peter Schofield said: “Sheffield Hallam University is committed to helping people live healthier lives. We do this by collaborating with partners to provide practical solutions to real world problems. Although research has been conducted in this area previously, this is the first time academics have looked at the combined effects of economic deprivation and people’s will-power to improve their health.”

This study aims to address this gap in understanding and the findings will inform recommendations for future interventions to improve residents’ health.

The research is being conducted by Professor Peter Schofield, Dr Gill Pomfret and Jerneja Lesnik of Sheffield Business School.

The anonymous survey is open to permanent, adult residents of Sheffield and asks questions about levels of physical activity, smoking or vaping, eating and drinking habits, hobbies, occupation, pre-existing health issues and other lifestyle factors such travelling to and from work, and current housing situation. Those taking part in the survey will have the option of entering a prize draw to win a £200 shopping voucher.

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed online at:

The deadline for completing the survey is July 5 2019.


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