Lost Chord’s special gift of music for Christmas

GIVE the gift of music and support top South Yorkshire dementia charity Lost Chord this Christmas.

Lost Chord is the organisation that provides vital interactive musical experiences for people living with dementia in care homes and day centres across the region and nationally.

And several of its team of professional musicians are making a special gift to the charity this Christmas by donating a percentage of their CD sales to Lost Chord.

Taking part in the scheme are mezzo soprano Joanne Thomas, soprano Joanne McGahon, soprano Anna Tam, folk and jazz musician Jamie Smith and pianist Jocelyn Freeman, with their latest albums now available to buy via the Lost Chord website.

“We have some of the finest young professional musicians in the country currently working with us and I am delighted that our supporters can now enjoy their music with this very special offer,” said Lost Chord Chief Executive Helena Muller.

“There’s a great range of musical styles to choose from in this selection and by buying a CD you’ll not only be purchasing a great Christmas gift but also making a very special gift for Lost Chord.

“We rely completely on the generosity of our supporters and every penny counts as we continue to provide a full programme of events for people living with dementia, not only in South Yorkshire but across the country.”

To see the full range of CDs available visit www.lost-chord.org.uk


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