Love Actually? Love Sheffield more like!

Sheffield’s longest serving independent department store has been making a name for itself in recent years for its tongue-in-cheek Christmas ads and this year is no different!

Two members of staff at Atkinsons have been plucked from obscurity to be cast in the store’s re-enactment of one of the country’s best-loved romantic comedies.

Management of Atkinsons, the Moor retailer that first opened 147 years ago, decided to do their own version of arguably the most famous scene from 2003 film smash ‘Love Actually’.

Cora Fung, Fashion Assistant, and James Martin, Warehouse and Logistics Manager, got to fill the shoes of Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln – the stars of one of the film’s most iconic scenes.

David Cartwright, Atkinsons  store manager, said: “Rather than spending millions like  M&S and John Lewis we like to think we can spread a little joy at Christmas with our very own tongue-in-cheek homemade ad. This year we decided to do our own version of ‘Love Actually’. We’re Sheffield born and bred so it was an obvious move to re-name our film ‘Love Sheffield’. Our Christmas ads have been gaining a popularity and early signs point to this being a big hit too!”

The city’s longest serving independent department store beat off the likes of John Lewis and Primark to be crowned ‘best large retailer of the year’ at the city’s inaugural retail awards recently.

Atkinsons of Sheffield – which first opened in 1872 and was completely flattened in the blitz of 1940 – has been undergoing a much publicised renaissance in recent times as it utilises a raft of digital and traditional marketing methods to engage with new and existing audiences

You can view the advert here:


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