Moving drama explores the world’s worst nuclear accident

Sheffield College drama students rehearse Sarcophagus

Drama students at The Sheffield College will stage a moving play that explores the world’s worst nuclear accident.

Sixteen students completing the BA Honours Degree in Performing Arts are performing the gripping drama Sarcophagus.

The play tells the hard hitting story of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion that happened in Ukraine in 1986, as victims embark on a non-return journey to a terminal radiation clinic.

Jo Beadle, Performing Arts Lecturer, The Sheffield College, said: “This is a moving and shocking play based on the harrowing, tragic events of the world’s worst nuclear power station accident.”

She explained: “Despite the serious subject, the play also has some witty and entertaining aspects. It’s a challenging performance for our students but one that is equipping them with the practical skills to go further in the performing arts industry.”

The play is by Vladimir Gubaryev, a playwright and science editor of Pravda, who was the first reporter allowed into the Chernobyl disaster site. The performance is suitable for audiences aged 10 and older.

Performances take place in the drama theatre at the College’s Hillsborough Campus, on Livesey Street, at 7.15pm on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. Tickets cost £5 and £3. For more details, please email 

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