Multi-million pound plan to transform Stocksbridge High Street

An ambitious plan to transform Stockbridge’s High Street has been unveiled and work is underway to secure the funds to make this vision a reality.

The town’s traditional retail area of Manchester Road has suffered in recent years from a poor building designs, a lack of investment, and inactive, often absent, landlords. In order to return the street to its former glories Labour councillors are putting their weight behind an ambitious bid to government for millions of pounds now available from the Future High Streets programme. Labour is hoping that and they have a ready-made plan to deliver the change needed.

Labour candidate and Mayor of Stocksbridge Julie Grocutt has worked alongside Sheffield’s Labour councillors in bidding for the multi-million pound investment deal and commented:

“As a local resident for many years I can remember when our High Street had so much more going for it, but sadly this Tory government have badly let down small businesses and our high street.

“However we now have the first chance to really fight back. Our overall ambition is to create a sustainable town centre which complements and links well with the wonderful Fox Valley development. This also presents the opportunity to repurpose this area of Town, creating new residential units and restoring community pride in a part of Stocksbridge overlooked for too long”.

“I am proud of the fact that Stockbridge has a strong local identity. However, the heart of the town is in urgent need of investment to reshape it, to create new uses and activity for a sustainable future. I know that my Labour colleagues are committed to making our High Street the community hub it once was, and can be again”

The bid is being supported by Sheffield City Council and is being backed by the City Region’s Mayor, Dan Jarvis. If successful Manchester Road could benefit from completely new facades and shop fronts, new parking bays and green spaces as well as high quality flats above the premises.

Dransfield Properties, the company behind the successful Fox Valley development has worked with the council on the bid, with the company having a track record of partnership working in other parts of the country to deliver town centre transformation.

Communications Director at Dransfield Properties, Amanda Holmes, said: “We are delighted to be working with local members and Sheffield City Council’s officers on a bid to transform Manchester Road in Stocksbridge.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with the development at Fox Valley and we want to work with other stakeholders in the town to help deliver further sustainable improvements in Manchester Road which has really suffered from a lack of investment for many decades. Town and district centres really are the heartbeat of our local communities.”

An update on successful bids going through to the next stage is expected this summer. For further information about the funding process visit


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