NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare

When I was approached to review the NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare range, I jumped at the chance, I make sure I look after my skin by moisturising every day and the seaweed concept intrigued me.

According to the NEUÚ website the skincare range is powered by biotechnology at a University-based laboratory where they extract Essential Marine Fatty Acids and other bio-active compounds from organic Atlantic seaweed. The bio-active ingredients are extracted separately and recombined into a range of natural, nutrient-rich formulations that deliver notable results for dry, sensitive skin.

Sounds scientific but do the products stack up against the claims and I eagerly waited for the products to arrive on the scheduled delivery date.

Let’s start with the delivery.  It was exceptionally good and kept me well informed. I received a text message confirming the delivery date, and then on the actual date received another text giving me a time slot. This was handy as it meant I didn’t have to wait around all day for the delivery. Top marks for NEUÚ so far.

Upon opening the parcel, it surprised me at how well presented the products were, I instantly thought what a great gift set this would make, especially with Christmas growing ever closer.

IMG 3640

Now onto the individual products:

Hydrate: Moisturiser

NEUÚ Moisturiser claims to be a powerful blend of Essential Marine Fatty Acids specially formulated to repair dry and damaged skin, restore elasticity and prevent premature ageing.

Energise: Face Wash

NEUÚ Face Wash combines the purifying and calming properties of seaweed oil extract with the antiseptic power of grapefruit. 

Renew: Face Scrub

NEUÚ Face Scrub is formulated with seaweed particles suspended in a natural cleansing gel. 

Invigorate: Hair & Body Wash

NEUÚ Hair and Body Wash is a blend of seaweed oil extract with orange peel oil.

I gave up my usual skincare routine for two weeks and stuck to just using the NEUÚ range that that period. I used the Moisturiser, Face Wash and Hair & Body Wash daily. With the Face Scrub I used that every fourth day.  I don’t like wearing moisturiser during the day, so in a morning I had a shower using the hair and body wash and washed my face using the face wash. In the evening just before bed I either had another shower using the face wash and body wash or just washed my face in warm water using the face wash, then moisturised my face.

You get the impression that the ranges of products are all high quality from the packaging they come in and this is proven in the actual use of them. I was satisfied with all the products but the real stand out products from the range was the face wash and moisturiser. My face felt fresh, clean and soft every time I used the face wash and moisturiser. I even had comments from other people how my skin was looking better than normal. The only downside was that the moisturiser had a very distinct smell of seaweed. It wasn’t a problem for myself as I only used it at night but it’s something to be aware of.

I’d certainly give the NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare range our Stamp of Approval and this is available to purchase now direct from NEUÚ.


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