New cyber-bullying awareness show premieres at The Montgomery

BFF, a new show for young people, will open at The Montgomery Theatre & Arts Centre on Thursday 14th November to coincide with Anti-Bullying Week.

Internationally acclaimed Sheffield-based performer Mary-Frances Doherty gives an insightful and stunning solo performance. BFF was showcased in its early stages at Sheffield SheFest earlier in the year, and the performance at The Montgomery has been kindly supported by The James Neill Trust Fund.

BFF is about a young girl’s exploration of friendship. On her first day at school, Chloe meets Sophie and just knows they will be best friends. Excited at the possibilities, Chloe shares her journey online as she navigates her way through life. But you can’t always control everything and best friends don’t always stay like that forever. Soon Chloe discovers how easily things can spiral out of control and what it really takes to be a best friend.

Mary-Frances Doherty has been working with The Montgomery to develop the show in time for Anti-Bullying Week. Mary-Frances will also be running workshops with the Year 7 students of Silverdale School during the course of the week. “Cyber-bullying is a growing issue amongst young people,” Mary-Frances says, “so the workshops are a really important part of the project.  We hope to help combat the problem so that young people can feel safer online, and help to enhance their wellbeing and confidence.”


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