Open land searches in Lowedges

South Yorkshire Police have been leading open land searches in Lowedges this morning.

The Sheffield South West Neighbourhood team joined specialist search officers looking for discarded weapons, drugs and signs of criminal activity.

Inspector Colette Fitzgibbons explained why the team were working in Lowedges: “The area around Lupton Walk is covered by a problem orientated policing plan, focused around ASB and drug-related activity. We have also recovered a weapon from this area in the past, which is why it is at the centre of our Op Sceptre activities today.

“It is of course, also where 15-year-old Sam Baker was sadly killed last year. It is important that we continue to work alongside the community in this area and show that we are carrying out proactive activities like this.”

Police Search Advisors (POLSA) from the Sheffield Tasking Team have been carrying out similar searches across the city this week, including in Firth Park on Monday.


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