Operation Sceptre: 24 arrests so far

Twenty-four people have been arrested and 46 knives recovered or seized as South Yorkshire’s Operation Sceptre moves into the weekend.

There has been a raft of activity across Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield as they support the national knife crime initiative Operation Sceptre, as well as their own ‘Drop The Knife’ campaign.

If you follow them on social media, you will have seen the engagement stalls in your local communities, open land searches, high-visibility policing operations, knife arches, school visits to educate young people on the risks of carrying knives, warrants and test purchase operations.

During the test purchase operations, young people (normally police cadets in plain clothes) go into stores and attempt to buy knives. Some premises have failed the test purchases and received either written or oral warnings.

At one warrant in Doncaster yesterday (Thursday 20 September) officers recovered 12 knives that are suspected of being illegally imported as well as two batons (pictured).

Detective Superintendent Una Jennings, force lead for armed criminality, said: “We’ve already seen some fantastic results from our teams across South Yorkshire and a number of dangerous weapons have been taken off our streets.

“In addition to the knives recovered and seized, we’ve seized other dangerous items that have either been found during our open land searches or during warrants – items that could be used to cause harm or injury to another.

“Fourteen people have been arrested for knife-related offences and as a result of our proactive focus in support of Operation Sceptre, we’ve also arrested a further ten people for a range of offences across the force over the last few days.

“Our commitment to protecting our communities in support of Operation Sceptre shows no sign of slowing as we move into the weekend. We will have a number of high visibility policing operations within our city and town centres, as well as knife arches, as people head out to enjoy their weekend.

“Anyone carrying a knife can expect a robust response and swift action – there is no excuse to be carrying a weapon on our streets.”

You can see what officers have been up to on social media by searching the hashtags #OpSceptre, #DropTheKnife and #StopKnifeCrime.


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