Ovo Spaces director Rebecca qualifies as Mental Health First Aider

SHEFFIELD commercial interior design and fit-out specialist Ovo Spaces is now a fully certified Mental Health First Aid provider.

Director Rebecca Knight has qualified as a Mental Health First Aider, with certification from Mental Health First Aid England after completing a course provided by instructor Claire Rowley of Rotherham and Barnsley Mind, facilitated by Sheffield’s Bhayani Law.

Ovo Spaces promote a culture of wellbeing with their team and recognised the need to address not only physical first aid – all their site operatives and four of their internal staff are qualified in this – but mental first aid too.

“The course really made me really think about my own self care and of those around me – both in work and in my personal life – and how important it is to take time out for yourself,” Rebecca explained.

“I’ve learned to look at Mental Health in a different way and recognise that it’s something we all have – whether its good mental health or bad mental health.

“If you broke your leg, you’d acknowledge this as would everyone around you, so why should it be different if you have depression or anxiety or an eating disorder or any other mental illness – it’s still an illness, just not one that is so obvious.

“An illness is an illness – be it physical or mental – and it’s nobody’s fault so don’t be afraid to seek help and don’t be afraid to tell someone about it.

“Now that I am a Mental Health First Aid provider I feel more confident that I will be able to provide proper levels of support for the people I work with.

“I certainly now feel better equipped to offer a greater level of understanding and support where it is needed.”


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