Pinkies Domestic Cleaners

I’m sure we can all agree that non of us look forward to having to undertake general household chores, so when I heard about Pinkies Domestic Cleaners, through a personal recommendation, I thought I would give them a try. I wanted to finally get that spring clean done that I’d been putting off for so long, that it was no longer spring, or summer for that matter.

I spoke to Mandy to arrange the deep clean. She was polite and accommodating enough to work around my work schedule in order to get the clean booked in for following Wednesday at 10am.

Having never had a cleaner before I was unsure of what to expect, but at 10 o clock Mandy and her colleague arrived promptly. They double checked what I wanted doing, both appeared well presented in their uniforms and were friendly.

After offering them the customary drink, they started on the bedrooms, I must admit it felt a little awkward having someone cleaning my house while I just sat looking at Facebook and browsing the internet on my phone.

They diligently went from room to room cleaning my house from top to bottom and after about three hours had completed the mammoth task that I had put off for so long.

Mandy walked me around each room to make sure that I was happy with the work they had completed. I was, and being an ex-smoker that used to smoke in the house I was really happy that they had managed to get rid of the smell of stale smoke that had lingered around for so long.

After they left I went around each room again having a closer inspection than I felt comfortable doing while they were present. Upon closer inspection I was even more impressed with the cleaning that had been done. As much as I tried, I was unable to find any dust or dirt that had been left behind. I was especially impressed that they’d even tidied all the bits of old computer parts and cables that I’d put under the bed in the spare room, thinking ‘out of sight out of mind’.

Overall an excellent service for a fair price from Pinkies Domestic Cleaners and I’ve already booked in my next clean with them. I would recommend anyone looking for a cleaner to check them out.

Pinkies Domestic Cleaners can be contacted on 07914 752970 or via Facebook.


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