Plastic bottle recycling for all Sheffield flats and maisonettes

For the first time every resident living in a flat and maisonette across Sheffield will be able to recycle plastic bottles from their own home.

Following recent changes to improve Sheffield’s recycling services Sheffield City Council is now set to introduce the roll out of recycling collections of plastic bottles for all flats and maisonettes from January 2019. This will mean that flats will be able to recycle the same materials as households which received a brown bin.

An Independent Cabinet Member Decision is expected to be made next week and will commence the assessment of flats and maisonettes to see how recycling will best work for each individual block, with changes to recycling services rolled out between January and March 2019.

Each flat and maisonette will receive a minimum weekly recycling capacity of 27.5 litres, split between paper and card, glass, cans and plastic bottles. Each flat or maisonette will also be entitled to up to 120 litres of general waste capacity per property, per week.

Landlords and managing agents would be able to request additional recycling capacity if the minimum capacity provided is insufficient, and they will be able to apply for additional general waste capacity through the Council’s larger household policy, which has been expanded to include flats and maisonettes.

Revising the waste service policy also provides an opportunity for the council to look at improving waste management across its council housing estate.

There are more than 360 blocks of flats and maisonettes managed by the council that use a chute system to dispose of their general waste. Many council tenants have expressed that they’re unhappy with the chutes system, which often become blocked by items or bags of waste getting lodged inside. These can sometimes go undiscovered for days causing unpleasant odours in people’s homes and communal areas.

Options for chutes will be reviewed, but any changes to the council’s policy on the use of chutes, including their potential closure, will be subject to full consultation with tenants and residents.

Councillor Lewis Dagnall, Cabinet member for Environment and Streetscene at Sheffield City Council, said: “Responsibly managing household waste is a significant environmental priority, and I know many people living in flats and maisonettes have been eager to recycle their plastic waste.

“We will start gradually introducing the new bins block-by-block in the New Year, in dialogue with residents, to ensure each building receives the right set up.

“This is part of the city’s hugely effective waste management policies, which saw only 0.28% of household waste go to landfill last year.”

The full report is available to read on the Council’s website.


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