Pure Green Skinny Coffee

I was sent some Pure Green Skinny Coffee to try courtesy of the Pure Green Coffee Company. According to the Amazon product description, it is ideal for health-conscious coffee lovers as it can aid weight loss and is great for detoxing as green coffee is full of antioxidants and has excellent hydration properties.

I’d certainly consider myself a coffee lover as I drink about 7 cups per day at least, sometimes considerably more. I’m also a bit of a snob as I refuse to drink instant coffee, so the Pure Green Skinny Coffee had some high standards to meet.

On receiving the coffee one thing I noticed immediately was how well it was packaged, and while you shouldn’t judge a product just based on the packaging it comes in it did give the impression of being a premium quality brand which is where Pure Geen Coffee Company seem to be wanting to position the product in the market.

I followed the instructions and the box and placed one coffee bag in my cup and poured over the appropriate amount of water and allowed to steep for around three minutes.

I especially liked that the individual servings were in a coffee bag. This saved me valuable time by not having to mess about with the cafetiere and allowed me to make my morning coffee with a minimal amount of fuss which is always a bonus as I’m always still half-asleep until I’ve had it.

Peoples personal likes and dislikes when it comes to taste is a very individual matter and varies from person to person, but I found that the detox green coffee made an excellent cup of coffee. I rarely like the taste of green tea but they have achieved the company’s aim of making a blend that is a ‘genuine pleasure to drink’. The natural flavour of vanilla and raspberry came through which eliminated the need for sugar or milk.

I was unsure whether it was the green tea or the placebo effect but I did notice a significant reduction in my appetite on the days when I had drunk the coffee.

I’d certainly give Pure Green Skinny Coffee our Stamp of Approval and this is available to purchase now at Amazon.


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