Region’s youngest ever district councillor ‘won’t judge a book by its cover’

Dan Salt has arguably overcome more challenges in just 22 years than many people do in a lifetime.

So helping trigger one of the biggest upsets in Labour’s history doesn’t particularly phase him – in fact he relishes the challenge ahead.

Dan Salt is now the youngest district councillor on record in Bolsover and he’s determined to use his position to give the youth of the area something he says they’ve never had – a proper voice.

Chesterfield-born and raised in Clowne, he was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia at an early age.

Dan Salt said: “I lot of teachers found it easier to stick me at the back of the class room and leave me to my own devises. I became a target for bullies – people took the mickey out of me. I still struggle to read books even today because I get nervous of the way I was made to feel at school.”

But his biggest challenge was to yet to come. Clinical depression forced him to abandon his studies at the University of Derby. It was a life changing event.

“I remember the exact moment I had my break down”, he said. “I burst in to tears and phoned my grandparents because I was scared to think what my parents would say. I shouldn’t have worried – my parents gave me incredible support and I’m incredibly lucky to have them.”

It was a rigorous exercise regime – often working out six days a week – that got his life back on track and started to give him a positive focus.

Dan Salt’s fitness has served him well. He went on to excel in rugby and become a Yorkshire ERDPP coach. He also reached the England counties final trials as well as representing the Midlands area in the sport.

His challenge is now to serve the people of Clowne West where he’s the new district councillor.

Dan Salt said: “If there’s one thing I want to achieve it’s setting an example to the youth of our district that they can have a bright future. I was written off and ridiculed at school and I was unfairly judged because of my dyslexia and ADHD. I won’t judge a book by its cover – I will fight for a fair society with opportunities for all.”


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