Roxy party set to be a true climax for ‘Fundraver’

Allan Ogle, Charity Manager for Hallam FM’s Cash For Kids, counts down to the Roxy Reunion in May.

With nearly a 1,000 tickets already sold – a reunion for one of Sheffield’s biggest ever nightclubs is set to raise hundreds for the region’s most needy kids in a few week’s time.

A celebration of the city’s legendary Roxy venue is lined up to be the largest event supporting Hallam FM’s Cash For Kids’ ‘Fundraver’ campaign.

The party is set to take place in the venue’s former Arundel Street home which is now the 02 Academy.

The Roxy event – which takes place on Saturday, May 9th, 2020 – follows the success of similar night back in 2019.

Hundreds packed into venue to witness it being turned back into its former Roxy nightclub guise.

Allan Ogle, Charity Manager for Hallam FM’s Cash For Kids, said: “There’s no doubt the Roxy reunion event is lined up to put the ‘fun’ in our ‘Fundraver’ event. It’s set to be one of the biggest ‘80s and ‘90s party the city has ever seen and we’re so grateful for the promoters making us their designated charity.”

The sprawling Roxy venue reigned supreme in Sheffield in the 1980s and 1990s and the re-creation of the club got a massive thumbs up from the revellers that packed the dancefloor in 2019.

Former Roxy-goer James Norton said: “It was a truly fantastic night – they got it bang on. I loved the Roxy in its heyday in the late 1980s and this night took me straight back to my youth.”

The Roxy became famous nationally as one of the venues for the ‘Hitman & Her’ TV series. Everyone from Kylie Minogue to the London Boys performed there.

With a capacity in excess of 2,000, and one of the most jaw-dropping lightshows in the country, few venues were more high profile than the Roxy.

‘Back To The Roxy’ tickets are available from

Tickets are £10. The promoters are donating 50p from each ticket to Cash For Kids.

More event details:


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